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The advance of the plate tectonic concept used to be one of many nice revolutions within the heritage of technology. ahead of the plate tectonic conception, such a lot scientists believed that Earth used to be a static planet that by no means particularly replaced. operating like detectives, a small team of pioneering members slowly pieced jointly a completely assorted photo of our Earth, exhibiting that the planet can be a dynamic, lively international. Over the process thousands of years, continents collided with one another, oceans opened and closed, and mountains rose and fell - and those alterations proceed at the present time. "Plate Tectonics" examines the evolution of plate tectonic conception from its beginnings as a wild concept of drifting continents to its attractiveness because the major idea that drives geology at the present time. The booklet additionally specializes in the lives and achievements of these people who fought nice odds to offer upward thrust to 1 of an important theories in technological know-how.

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Holmes’s career as a geologist started soon after his graduation from Imperial College of Science in London in 1910. To help pay his college expenses, he went to work as a prospecting geologist in the country of Mozambique. Unfortunately, he also wound up catching malaria. He returned to England in 1913 just when World War I was starting. As luck would have it, he was too sick to go into the army and fight. D. As a graduate student, Holmes read about the work in radioactivity done by Rutherford and Boltwood.

In addition to the mid-ocean ridge, Heezen and Tharp’s maps also showed deep valleys, many of which run along the edge of the continents. These valleys are known as submarine trenches. In many cases, these trenches, which make an almost complete ring around the Pacific Ocean, contain enormous piles of sediment. One other unusual feature on the maps is a series of fractures, or faults, that cut across both the ridge and the trenches. Many of these fracture zones would cause the ridge to be offset and split by several hundred kilometers.

Atoms have two main parts. First, in the center of the atom, is the nucleus. This is where most of the mass of an atom is located. The nucleus is made up of two different particles: protons, which have a positive charge, and neutrons, which have no charge. The second main part contains even smaller particles that move around the outside of the nucleus: These particles are called electrons. Electrons have a negative charge, and they produce electricity. Each type of element has its own special atom with a different number of protons in the nucleus.

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