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By Hans Günter Dosch

Viewing actual theories as symbolic buildings got here to the fore in the course of the 19th century with the emancipation of the classical conception of the electromagnetic box from mechanics; such a lot particularly this occurred in the course of the paintings of Helmholtz, Hertz, Poincar?, and later Weyl. The epistemological difficulties that nourished this improvement are at the present time highlighted inside of quantum box idea. the current essay begins with a concise and non-technical define of the firmly dependent elements of relativistic quantum box conception, i.e. the very  profitable description of subnuclear phenomena. the actual tools, through which those various elements must be accessed, then get defined as precise features of quantum box concept. The authors express how those diversified features differ with appreciate to the relation among quantum fields and linked debris. hence, by means of emphasising the respective position of assorted simple techniques concerned, the authors declare that just a very normal epistemic technique can accurately account for this variety - an account they hint again to the philosophical writings of the aforementioned physicists and mathematicians. ultimately, what they name their semiotic viewpoint on quantum box concept will get with regards to fresh discussions in the philosophy of technological know-how and seems to behave as a counterbalance to, for example, structural realism.

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Here the kinematical relations of Newtonian mechanics are simply obtained from the relativistic ones by an expansion with respect to the ratio v/c, where v is the velocity connected with a mass m and c the vacuum velocity of light. 1) expressed through the velocity vector v rather than the momentum vector p of a particle is: mc2 E= . 1) 2 1 − vc2 Performing the above mentioned expansion yields: E = mc2 + m 2 v 1+O 2 v2 c2 . 2) The first term is the rest energy, the second term the kinetic energy of a 2 particle in non-relativistic mechanics and the term O vc2 indicates that the relativistic correction is of the order vc2 and thus small if the modulus of the velocity |v| is small compared to the velocity of light c.

For structural realism would have to maintain that one of the facets is the ‘real’ one. By the same token, structural realism would not be able to cope with the miracle argument any longer. For if it took perturbation theory to be the right structure then the success of lattice gauge theory would become a miracle and vice versa. These approaches, however, can coexist, since they aim at different domains of the full theory. Indeed it seems that the synchronic existence of different facets is often neglected within the philosophy of quantum field theory and has led to some rather misleading ideas.

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