Sacrifices in the Sicilian - download pdf or read online

By David N. L Levy

The Sicilian safeguard is the main interesting of all chess openings and the most well-liked in any respect degrees of play. The attacking and tactical chances of the Sicilian are various. there are various sacrificial rules that take place again and again within the Sicilian, and it's the job of this booklet to elucidate and examine them.

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11 f3 0-0-0? XABCDEFGHY 8-+ktr-+ntr( 7+pzp-+-zpp' 6p+-vl-zp-+& 5sN-zp-+-+-% 4-+-+P+l+$ 3+-+-+P+-# 2PzPP+-+PzP" 1tRNvLR+-mK-! ¥c8 is necessary to defend b7, but 12 ¤c4 ¥e7 13 ¥f4 is still miserable for Black. 12 e5! Bxe5 13 Rxd8+ Kxd8 14 fxg4. Presumably he had hoped for 12 fxg4 Bxh2+ 13 Kxh2 Rxd1, with some chances. dxc6 5 0-0 f6. I wish you lots of success putting them into practice in your own games. b5 5 Bb3 Na5, but of course there is always the danger that the precious time spent on that "chase" will prove to be highly costly...

Xabcdefghy A dangerous−looking alternative is 6 dxe5!? d6 , because White can stir up some complications with 8 e6!? Motwani at Hastings on New Year's Day 1997, and the rest of the moves can be found within the notes to a McDonald−Motwani battle published on our Internet site. ¤e4!? ) 9 ¥e3 (A sharp alternative is 9 ¦d1 £c8 10 ¤d4 ¥c5 , after which Flear shows that 11 g4? ¥xg4! 0-0-0 with a powerful initiative for Black. ) 10 ¤a3 g5 11 ¤c4 ¥g6 12 ¤d4 ¥g7 13 ¦ad1 0-0-0? 39 XABCDEFGHY 8-+ktr-+-tr( 7zppzp-wqpvlp' 6-+p+-+l+& 5+-+-zP-zp-% 4-+NsNn+-+$ 3+-+-vL-+-# 2PzPP+QzPPzP" 1+-+R+RmK-!

However, the e− pawn is on its own in enemy territory and can turn out to be a weakness. Indeed, sometimes Black's monarch later advances to e6 to threaten the pawn on e5, a fact which confirms that it can actually be quite useful NOT to have castled if queens are absent in the middlegame, because then one's king is likely to be in much less danger. Furthermore, Black has a strong pair of bishops that have plenty of scope. Kxd8 the future looks safe and sound yet not at all dull. 9 ¤c3 Alternatively, 9 c4 is an attempt to seize space before continuing with piece−development, but it gives Black a target to attack, and the d3 and d4 squares become potential outposts.

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