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6) Foxes do not eat fruits, insects, birds, and rats. (7) Muskdeer lack antlers. 55. First letters You have to find the correct word for every described term given in each group below. The first letters of these terms will together form a term or name agreeing with the title of that group. (1) A heavenly body: __ ) —Y (c) - O U( a ) ( b P E 10 SC IENCE TEASERS 35 (d) -C— ( e ) -A Clues: (a) A small box for holding medicine to be put into mouth. (b) The gas which plants breathe out. (c) Mass x velocity.

29 SCIENCE TEASERS (d) An alloy used in clocks and watches because of its low expansion with temperature. (e) The instrument for measuring temperatures. (f) A small unit of area used mainly for measuring crosssections of nuclei. 45. No favouritism here We hear so many 'isms' every day, for example, Spoonerism, Socialism, Favouritism, etc. Here, also, the answers to the clues given below end with the syllable 'ism'. (a) A branch of physics. (b) The man is a complicated . (c) The existence of two or more chemical compounds with the same molecular formula but having different properties.

What is where Today, a large number of scientific laboratories, institutes and organisations have been established all over the country. In the columns below, the names of laboratories, institutes and organisations are given in one and in the other the places they are located. Match the two. It is quite possible that more than one organisation, laboratory, or institute is located at one place. (1) Tata Institute of (a) New Delhi Fundamental Research (2) National Physical Laboratory (b) Goa (3) Physical Research Laboratory (c) Bombay (4) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (d) Lucknow (5) Indian Council of Medical Research (e) Jadavpur (6) Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (f) Pu ne 33 10 SC IENCE TEASERS (7) (8) (9) (10) Central Drug Research Institute National Institute of Oceanography Indian Institute of Science Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (g) (h) (i) (j) Trivandrum Bangalore Hyderabad Ahmedabad 51.

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