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By Edward Griffin

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Nonfiction. bare SCIENTOLOGY includes articles and letters through Burroughs critiquing Scientology, a faith with which he used to be concerned for a while and towards which he continues a reserved interest. in response to Burroughs, a few of the strategies are hugely worthwhile and warrant additional examine and experimentation, whereas nevertheless he's in flat confrontation with the organizational coverage.

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Or again, for David Savran, Burroughs “functions as a kind of Rorschach test for critics” (Taking It 85). In the same vein, I propose another model for (the difficulty of) representing Burroughs, courtesy of Lacan’s analysis of anamorphosis as it operates in Holbein’s The Ambassadors. At the bottom of the painting, in front of the two assured and sumptuously adorned figures, there lies a “strange, suspended, oblique object in 18 The Secret of Fascination the foreground” (Lacan, Four Fundamental 88).

A useful warning, but surely something more than this is going on here, as indicated by the specific details in Kerouac’s description. These suggest that Kerouac had in mind two particular scenes of cinematic fascination and demystification. Initially, the green drape evokes the familiar scene of the curtain in The Wizard of Oz (1939). This drape of course conceals the fact that the Great Oz is no more than an ordinary man, a mere charlatan from Kansas pulling levers to create special effects. ” What makes Lang’s scenario so interesting is that the great secret concealed behind the curtain is that there is no man behind the curtain.

In Rodley, Cronenberg 162). Like Levinsky, he dreams of replacing his master by becoming him and so, ironically, remains no more than his dummy. The final irony, as most critics have noted, is that the film of Naked Lunch is not only much weaker but far less Burroughsian than the rest of Cronenberg’s work: either the antidote doesn’t work or it works too well. 16 The Secret of Fascination Such dynamics of possession and exorcism, trauma and paranoia, mastery and resistance describe a central thematic core within the Burroughs oeuvre and a major effect of it.

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