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By Ian Kenyon

This thorough and self-contained creation to trendy optics covers, in complete, the 3 parts: ray optics, wave optics and quantum optics. Examples of contemporary purposes within the present century are used extensively.

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The solid 1600 Luminous efficacy in lm/W 1400 Scotopic (night) 1200 1000 800 Photopic (day) 600 400 200 0 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 Wavelength in nm. Fig. 18 The relative sensitivity of the average human eye as a function of the wavelength of light. curve shows the variation of Vλ in daylight (photopic vision), while the broken line curve is the corresponding curve for night vision (scotopic vision). Daylight and night vision rely on different receptors in the retina: in daylight on the cones and at night on the rods.

Elliott. Fig. 15 Spectrum of the Sun, presented as a histogram of the intensity against wavelength. Courtesy Dr K. H. Elliott. 5 Fig. 16 The variation with wavelength of refractive index of optical glass, of fused silica and of MgF2 . 0003 at normal temperature and pressure (NTP: 20◦ C; 105 Pa) for visible light. 0 for microwaves. This difference indicates that light and microwaves interact very differently with water; in fact water is quite transparent to visible light while it absorbs microwaves strongly enough to make cooking with microwaves practical.

1 ms so that a precision of 10−9 s (one nanosecond 1 ns) in timing is required to get a precision of 1 part in 105 in the velocity determination. In order to acheive the necessary precision in timing electronically controlled shutters such as the Kerr cell described in Chapter 10 are used. This techniques is commonly used to measure distances in surveying, in which case the velocity of light is the input and the distance the output. 3 Bradley’s velocity in June Fig. 3 Aberration of starlight. The apparent direction of the same star is shown at times six months apart.

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