New PDF release: The Ultimate Chess Strategy Book volume 1

By Alfonso Romero

The hole is attaining its finish, and we needs to make a pivotal choice: what shall our middlegame method be? will we search an energetic plan to benefit from our strengths and spotlight the opponent's weaknesses? Or will we undertake prophylaxis, getting to our personal position's shortcomings and hindering the opponent's plans? however, are there any ready-made plans that we all know from different video games that may be adapted to slot our place?

The authors current ninety 'multi-choice' checks the place the reader faces this activity. In designated options, they clarify the simplest resolution, and why different chances are much less convincing. We improve a believe for a way the choice is made, whereas painlessly development our 'repertoire' of plans in normal positions.

All the examples during this publication come up from Queen's Pawn or Flank Openings, and are prepared by means of commencing and point of trouble. Many are drawn from video games by way of virtuoso strategists akin to Karpov and Petrosian. In all circumstances, the sport is annotated in complete, so we see the results of the severe determination, whereas additionally appreciating the finer issues of a few of the main instructive video games in chess history.

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New PDF release: Chess Secrets: The Giants of Power Play

Chess secrets and techniques is a sequence of books which discover the mysteries of crucial elements of chess: approach, assault, commencing play and gambits, classical play, endgames and instruction. In each one publication the writer experiences a couple of nice avid gamers from chess historical past who've excelled in a selected box of the sport and who've undeniably encouraged those that have undefined.

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16 ... c5! 17 Mbl b6 18 ctJn (D) White could play safer with I S 0-0 iLf4 1 9 exfS gxfS 2 0 Mfe l 'ii'g S 2 1 ctJ n WhS 2 2 iLd3 . Test 64 Karpov - Kasparov New York/Lyons Wch ( 1 9) 1 990 King's Indian Defence, Classical Variation [E92] 1 d4 ctJf6 2 c4 g6 3 ctJc3 iLg7 4 e4 d6 5 ctJf3 0-0 6 iLe2 e5 7 iLe3 c6 8 d5 ctJg4 9 iLg5 f6 10 iLh4 ctJa6 11 ctJd2 ctJh6 l l . hS ! h6 ! With the idea o f moving the bishop t o e 3 . The positions now appearing o n the board have many similarities with those derived from the Petrosian System, 7 dS.

His only problem is the sad role played by the queen's knight. How should White continue ? Option A: 1 5 c5 - a positional sacrifice in order to press along the c-file. Option B: 15 b4 - White quietly strengthens the threat of c5, since Black has no real coun­ terplay. iLd6 Or: a) 1 1 . exf3 12 'il'xf3 c6 ( l 2 . . lLld7 13 'tiHc6 ! d6 1 4 b 4 intending c5 ± ) 1 3 0-0 ( 1 3 b 3 and 1 3 b4 ! ¥I.. b 2, 0-0-0 and e4, both suffice for an initiative) 13 . . 0-0 14 b3 �. b) 1 1 . ¥I.. x e3 'i'd3 1 7 �f2 ±.

FS 1 7 f4 ! White has several plans at his disposal, thanks to his space advantage and the restriction of the opponent's counterplay with .. fS . This is an important type of position to un­ derstand, where Black has taken on fS with a piece after carrying out the typical . . fS ad­ vance. White to play. Choose one of the following plalls: Option A : \0 ctJgS - White attacks the weak­ ened square e6. TESTS Option B: 1 0 0-0, connecting all his pieces once White has checked that the usual attack on the kingside won't happen.

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