Fred Reinfeld, Irving Chernev's Chess Strategy and Tactics PDF

By Fred Reinfeld, Irving Chernev

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Chess secrets and techniques is a chain of books which discover the mysteries of crucial facets of chess: process, assault, beginning play and gambits, classical play, endgames and practise. In every one booklet the writer experiences a few nice gamers from chess background who've excelled in a selected box of the sport and who've undeniably prompted those that have undefined.

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Instead of capturing on f3 He should fight it out with 24 . �xf6, even though 25 ttJe5 looks entirely gruesome - he would soon be mated by l;Iafl etc if he took the pawn with his queen, which would have lost on f2. f4 CLlxf6 87 The L ife History of a Kn ig h t C h e s s Se crets: The G ia n ts of P o w e r Play 2S... 'ii'h7 26 tiJgS etc is no better. The power of a knight on fS This is a standard move if White has committed himself to d2-d4, when 26 'iVxc6! Nowadays the desperado is a famil­ Black loses a piece.

L:te6 63 'iVxe6 fxe6+ 64 'it>xe6 Well, so much for a spirit of self­ is a winning pawn endgame for White. sacrifice when we end up nabbing the 62 ... l:tg5+ 63 'it>f6 �hS 64 �eS+ ngS 65 queen. In fact the conflict between ma­

Xg5 17 hxg5+ Kramnik encounter. was optimistic under these circum­ �g8 18 "ifu5 comes to the same thing) 9 e4 d5 10 e5! ttJe4 11 i.. d 3 ttJxe3? stances. His plan is clear: a quick . xg5 18 hxg5 f5 19 g6 and will be coupled with the exchange of there is no good way to stop mate on h8. Hindsight is a wonderful thing: can drink my tea and calmly point out pawns on the c-fiJe and d-file, when he that Black should eliminate the more will have completed his development Such is the dynamism in the white dangerous white piece with 1l ...

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