From the Opening Into the Endgame by Edmar Mednis PDF

By Edmar Mednis

Grandmaster Edmar Mednis, an international specialist at the endgame, indicates how you can continue within the minimal variety of strikes from the outlet to a beneficial endgame, primarily bypassing the middlegame. He discusses 11 diverse openings, together with either open and closed structures, in every one case explaining the easiest routes to specific endgame positions. those positions are then analysed, utilizing grasp video games, to demonstrate a number of successful plans. as a result transparent exposition of endgame ideas the coed will examine not just approximately those particular positions, but additionally approximately endgame play regularly.

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LLlf6?! ) 18 l:i:el ~e6 (but not 18 ... lLle6? , for example: 20 ... 'iVf6 21 hS gxhs 22 JIe3! with a powerful attack) 19 lLld4 19 ... l:i:d8?! 19 ... Me8! (with the idea of 20 ~b3 'iVd8) was stronger - this recommendation of Karpov and Zaitsev was soon put into practice: 20 g3 (20 lLlfS? is refuted by the amusing 20 ... ~xfS 21 l1xe7 Mxe7) 20 ... 'ilVd8 21 Mdl?! ~h3 22 lLlf3 'iVe7 23 'iVd6 'iVe2, and it was now White who had to seek a way to equalise by 24 'iVd3 (SmirinKhalifman, Moscow 1989).

It ended with me being presented with an announcement in the press about the start of the additional match on 22 August. It is only because I don't want to disappoint the fans who are now awaiting this match that I am agreeing to play. However, I consider the changes introduced into the regulations after the start of the championship to be absolutely unacceptable and unlawful. Therefore I consider that: 1) the match should consist of only four games; 2) in the event of a definite result, the winner will be declared USSR champion for 1988; 3) in the event of a drawn match, it will be at the discretion of the arbiter team: either both contestants will be declared USSR champion, or the title of champion will be considered not resolved.

Speelman - 8V2; 9. Sokolov - 8; 10-13. Tal, Nikolic, Timman and Seirawan - 7V2; 14. Nogueiras - 7; 15. Korchnoi - 6V2; 16. Sax - 6; 17. Winants (score did not count) 2V2 (Vaganian with 2 points withdrew after the 4th round). In Brussels immediately after the tournament, on 26 April, we held the first GMA General Assembly. By that time 143 grandmasters, including 23 Soviet, had already joined our organisation. And all of them had the right to vote in the election for the new GMA Board. Although there were comparatively few participants in the room, many of the absent grandmasters voted by proxy.

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