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By Daniel Ogden

The son of Zeus, Perseus belongs within the first rank of Greek heroes. certainly to a few he was once a better hero even than Heracles. With assistance from Hermes and Athena he slew the Gorgon Medusa, conquered a strong sea monster and gained the hand of the gorgeous princess Andromeda. This quantity tells of his enduring fable, it truly is rendering in paintings and literature, and its reception throughout the Roman interval and as much as the trendy day.This is the 1st scholarly e-book in English dedicated to Perseus' fable in its entirety for over a century. With details drawn from a various diversity of assets in addition to different illustrations, the quantity illuminates the significance of the Perseus delusion in the course of the a while.

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1 Perseus decapitates a centaur-bodied Medusa. 4 This pattern of evidence can sustain a number of hypothetical schemes of development. The Medusa tale may have come first and inspired the development of gorgoneia as a spin-off. Gorgoneia may have come first and inspired the development of the Medusa tale as an explanatory back-formation. 5 If gorgoneia had an origin separate from the Medusa story, then any meaning or mythical context they may have had prior to it is irrecoverable. But we can in any case say something of their function, and function may in fact have been everything.

15 Potter), and it was in this aspect too that Dionysus was ‘bull-born’ (taurogen¯es, Orphica fr. 297 Kern). As for the water, we have already noted the strongly Persean tale told at Brasiae according to which Dionysus was thrown into the sea in a chest with his mother Semele. 1). Dionysus’ refuge with Thetis parallels his refuge with the Muses at Chaeronea. It is possible that Dionysus was held to lurk in water, dead or alive, in Attica too, where the Anthesteria was celebrated at the sanctuary of Dionysus ‘In the Marshes’, en Limnais (Phanodemus FGH 325 fr.

But one thing I do know is that I am done for if this child lives’ ( fr. 165). The Larissaeans dealt with Perseus’ accidental killing of Acrisius in Larissa. A fragment of this play suggests that it was Acrisius himself that was here laying on the games ( fr. 4), and so that he had somehow contrived to make himself king of the city. In another fragment Perseus himself explains what had caused him to misthrow the discus that was to kill his father: ‘And as I was throwing the discus the third time Elatos, a Dotian man, caught hold of me’ ( fr.

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