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By Garry Kasparov

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Chess secrets and techniques is a sequence of books which discover the mysteries of an important elements of chess: method, assault, beginning play and gambits, classical play, endgames and guidance. In each one publication the writer stories a few nice gamers from chess historical past who've excelled in a specific box of the sport and who've undeniably stimulated those that have undefined.

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E5+ ¢e8! ¤a6+! ¦g8!? a6!? g6! ¥e5! ¦h5!! g6!? £xd8? ¤xf7! £a6! ¤d7? £g3+! ¢c8? f4!? f4 g5?! ¥e2! g4?! ¥a4!? ¤c3?! £f6? e5? £d4! ¢h8!? a4!? ¤e3± ¤d7? g3!? ¤d7!? a4! h3?! ¤d5 ¥xd5! ¢f2! ¥xg4!? h3!? ¤g6? ¤g4! ¦xh5+? £e3! ¦h3! ¦g3?! ¢h1? ¢h1! ¢f2? ¦xg6+?? h5?! £h6 ¦xe4! ¢g1 ¤e5?! ¦g4+!? ¢f2? ¦e1? ¦f2+! a4! ¦xf7+! ¦g2+!? ¤f5? d4! £f2! ¦fd1 ¦e8! ¦c3 ¤b4! ¤c2? ¦b3!? a3! a6? ¦d3! ¢g3 g5! ¦xd5 ¤g3! ¢e1 ¥g1+! ¥f4+!? ¥c2! ¦d2 b5! b4™ ¥d6?! ¥f4! a3 g5?! ¥e5! ¦bd3 ¤f4! ¥xd4?! ¤xe6! ¥e5!? ¦c3 d4! ¦e2! ¦d1!?

A8? ¤b4?! ¥d5?! f5? ¥c8?! ¥d5! h6?! £g3? £g4? ¤xg6!? ¦g3 b4! ¤d4 £b6! ¥b3? £e5? £e5! ¥g4? g4! ¥c8? ¦f8?! ¦xg2?? ¥xf7+! b4? ¦d7! fxe6? ¦bd8? £xd8? ¦xg4? ¤g5! £xf6+ e3!? ¥d5? fxe6? h5?! h6? ¦g3?! ¦xg3? ¦d7!! ¥h5!! ¦e8? ¦xf7? h6? ¢b1? ¦d7! ¤g5 ¥e4+! ¥h5 e3! ¤g5! £xf2? ¦f3! £f4 ¦e8? ¦bg8? h5!! £h5 e4?! ¥c2 b4?! £g5+!? h5 ¦c6?! £c7 ¦b7! ¤3d4!? 0-0! e5! ¦h5! ¤d4! ¤a5?! ¤g4! £c7!? ¦xf7! £f3?! 0-0! £f3+! ¤d5!! exd5?? ¤xe5! ¥xa8 ¤c6!? ¥f4 e5!? ¤b5! £a7+?! £d3! £c6! ¤a5?! e5? ¤d5! dxe5? ¤d4! exd6 ¥d8! ¤d4?!

F6! gxf5 e4! ¦d5 h3! ¥d2! ¢xe5 ¥f6+! ¢d2! ¥b7!? ¢d2! dxe5? b3 b5! c5? ¥e2 ¥a6! f4?! ¤d4?? £d2!? ¤b1!? a4!? ¢f2 ¤e5! £xe4? ¥xf8? ¥b5! £xd3? b4! ¤b1? £xb4? c5! ¤a4 ¦xa4! ¤xe3!? ¥d3! ¤f6! fxe5! £a5!? ¥g1!? ¥d2! ¢d3? £h4! ¦d2 £g3! £e3 £xg4+!? ¢f2 f5! ¦d2 ¥f6! f5? g3 ¤xh2!! £e3! ¥xd3!? ¤c1! ¤c1 ¦xd2! h4?! ¤c1? £xd2 ¤b6! c4! bxc4? ¤d2? £e3!? £xe4 c2! ¤c5! c3!! ¦c1 ¤xe5! fxe5? £e3?! £d4 ¤xe5! ¤dc5! £d2! ¥b7!? ¤g8? ¤e6? 0-0-0! ¥e6! ¦g6! fxe6? ¦xg8+! ¦a8? ¤b4?! ¥d5?! f5? ¥c8?! ¥d5! h6?! £g3? £g4? ¤xg6!?

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