Milestones of Space: Eleven Iconic Objects from the - download pdf or read online

By Michael J. Neufeld, Curators of the National Air and Space Museum, Martin J. Collins

A superbly illustrated heritage of the exploration of area during the such a lot iconic items from the Smithsonian nationwide Air and area Museum. in the course of the entire of human heritage, throughout all of Earth's cultures and landscapes, numerous contributors have gazed up on the stars with ask yourself and awe. attending to house was once no effortless job, and our interest with the encircling universe has lengthy been a resource of earthly delight and festival. on the backside of this overseas know-how pushed competition lies one unifying function, that is to appreciate the impossibly massive heavens. In Milestones of Space, Michael Neufeld and choose curators of the Smithsonian nationwide Air and area Museum current a beautiful photographic party of a few of the main groundbreaking artifacts that performed key components in giving humanity its first steps into the cosmos. concentrating on the main iconic gadgets and know-how - akin to Friendship 7,the Lunar Module 2, Neil Armstrong's Lunar go well with, the Hubble area Telescope, and house commute Discovery - this booklet broadly profiles 11 of the NASM's most crucial breakthroughs in house expertise. The NASM curators function each one item in excellent aspect with compelling timelines, sidebars and captions, and over one hundred fifty archival photographs that supply new and little-known insights into their improvement and old context. we're nonetheless some distance from greedy our universe . . . yet for now, Milestones of Space magnificently commemorates the contributors and innovations that experience taken us this far.

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AT&T Archives and History Center in front of the Andover ground station as “The Star-Spangled Banner” played in the background. But the transmission that immediately followed—a conversation among AT&T officials—was picked up at the Pleumeur-Bodou station in France, thereby inaugurating transatlantic television. On July 12 (still July 11 in the United States), the French ran a test from their side. But rather than broadcast bland panoramas or discussions among dignitaries, they ran a tape of singer Yves Montand and the sights of Paris.

Though that last phrase was not quite true, and carried different meanings for different people, it captured the essence of what Telstar brought into the world of 1962—and of what would follow in the years after as global communications, via satellite and undersea fiber-optic cable, gradually became part of the fabric of everyday life. indd 34 Job:07104 Title: 210838-Milestones of Space (MBI) 1/15/14 10:24 AM Page:34 T he KH-4B was the last and most advanced camera used in America’s first successful photoreconnaissance satellite program.

A columnist for the Boston Globe characterized the two events as “terror versus Telstar” and noted that “by one of those coincidences only too common in this Alice-in-Wonderland age of nuclear international lunacy . . modern science tests space communications disruption tactics above the Pacific . . ” Before and after its launch, Telstar entered into this confusing context—variously conveying excitement and utopian-tinged prospects for the future, world-changing progress, and the tensions and realities of the Cold War and of television as a cultural phenomenon.

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