Kisses for Lula by Samantha Mackintosh PDF

By Samantha Mackintosh

Lula chook is beautiful, humorous and dreading her birthday since you cannot flip sixteen if you have by no means been kissed . . . so why does each boy in Hambledon run a mile the second one she bats her eyelids? in point of fact, they worry for his or her lives. hearsay has it Lula's been jinxed! And it is not as though that is her purely challenge: Lula thinks she has a stalker, her dad retains sneaking out at evening with a lady's purse, and a mysterious robbery is threatening to carry town to its knees. . . . With purely five days to head until her birthday, can Lula get the man, remedy the crime and jilt the jinx for good?

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Sorry, Arns. ’ ‘Forget it. ’ ‘No? ’ I walked into the freshly painted room. The sheer redness of it all made me feel slightly sick. I looked up. ’ I heard someone behind me and turned to see Arns’s sister, Elsa. ‘He said it was the colour of passion,’ she said, and that was it. One look at Arns’s puzzled face and I dropped my bag, bending over double and shouting with laughter so loudly my throat hurt. She crumpled over too, the only sound an occasional gasp for air. Arns dumped the sewing machine on his bed with not enough care for my liking.

It’s hard to cut hair with blunt scissors and a baby-hair brush when you’ve never done it before, but I have to say the results were pretty incredible. Arns blinked, swallowed and cleared his throat. His eyes didn’t leave his reflection. I took the towel and a sheepful of hair away from his shoulders and he stood up slowly. At last he turned round to face me. ‘I think your work here is done,’ he said, a slow smile transforming his face. He suddenly bounced out from behind the cupboard door to face his sister.

Let me edit that,’ said Carrie. She snatched The List from Tam, who whipped it back and shoved it in my face. ‘Carrie,’ said Tam sternly. ) ‘If Tallulah Bird does not bag a man by the seventeenth of April it’ll totally validate the jinx rumour and she’ll be’ – she blinked rapidly – ‘alooone. ’ Chapter Two Monday 12 April, too long till lunchtime. The girls have gone and left me ‘working’ at my holiday job So here I am, a day later, sitting on the icy library floor puzzling over a very short list of who I could assault in a non-commital French-kissing kind of way.

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